Preventative Dentistry

Prevention and personalized attention

Preventative DentistryWe focus on preventive dentistry to help you to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums for life. By seeing us for regular dental health examinations we can keep a close eye on your teeth and gums. We want you to be confident that your smile looks its best

Hygiene – We provide hygienic care to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Say goodbye to plaque and tartar. Best of all, we’ll teach you great methods to perform effective care at home. We treat your whole mouth with modern and comprehensive methods such as:

Digital XRays – The best diagnostic tool our dentists have is Digital X-Rays. They not only tell us about your dental needs, but also reduce your exposure to traditional XRay radiation by up to 90%.

Velscope – Oral Cancer is the 6th most common type of cancer. Our screening is recommended once a year during your checkup. To find out more about oral cancer, please visit the Oral Cancer Foundation.

Decay Detection – Our hygienist and dentists use a measuring tool to help detect decay at its earliest possible stage.

Sealants – We recommend Sealants for all ages. So does the American Dental Association! It is a simple, painless procedure in which a clear, protective material covers the small grooves in your teeth. Protect your teeth from decay for years with Sealants!

Having healthy teeth for life is achievable for everyone through a healthy balance of good dietary choices, consistent home oral hygiene and regular professional care.

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