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Myths and Facts About Flossing Your Teeth

Fact: Only 2-5% of the population flosses their teeth regularly. Common excuses people give for not flossing range from not having time to not knowing how to do it to just plain forgetfulness. Does this statistic surprise you? Are you in

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Do’s & Don’ts of Healthy Teeth Brushing

You brush your teeth every day (we hope!), and it’s not that complicated, right? Wrong! There are actually some crucial rules to follow to keep those pearly whites sparkling day in and day out. Being mindful of bad habits and

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The Philosophy Behind Tooth Brushing: How to Brush for Real

Are you brushing on automatic every morning? If so, your teeth aren’t as clean as they could be. There are two ways most people learn to brush their teeth as children: By rote and just guessing. If you learned to

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Understanding Wisdom Teeth Removal

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With a name like wisdom teeth, it seems like you’d want to hold on to them! Unfortunately, these teeth can cause a variety of problems in your mouth if they don’t come in correctly. What Are Wisdom Teeth? These are the last

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