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We all want a beautiful and healthy smile, but many need Orthodontic treatment to get there. That’s why we offer orthodontics for patients of all ages at each of our area offices. This treatment delivers a long-term solution that straightens teeth and corrects a patient’s bite.

We begin orthodontic treatment for children beginning at age 7 as issues such as uneven bite and overcrowding become apparent at this age.

In addition to braces for children and teens we also have several treatment plans that cater to adults, our Orthodontics and Braces services include:

Traditional Braces
Ideal for younger children and teens, these metal braces are the tried and true treatment that most people think of when it comes to braces.

Tooth Colored Braces
These braces use ceramic brackets and wires that blend into your natural tooth color, providing braces that are much less noticeable compared to traditional braces.

Clear Correct
This treatment uses clear aligners with no metal to gradually straighten your teeth. True to the name, Clear Correct is near-invisible and extremely popular for adult patients.

Maintaining your orthodontic treatment is important and we provide patients with new and replacement retainers and night guards to help maintain a lifetime of beautiful smiles.

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