Charles Mazza, DDS

Dr. Charles Mazza, DDS (Brinton Lake)Glen Mills Dentist, Dr. Charles Mazza, DDS graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 1970, and Temple University School of Dentistry in 1973. He completed a one year practice residency program at Holyoke Hospital, Holyoke Massachusetts in 1974.

Dr. Mazza has been in private practice since 1975. His current practice, The Dentists at Brinton Lake in Glen Mills, is a state of the art facility, comprised of multi specialist and general practioners that span the scope of dentistry.

Dr. Mazza has been a member of Project Stretch, a dental outreach organization that travels to remote parts of the world focusing on children’s dentistry. Dr. Mazza is married with two children. He is an avid fly fisherman.

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